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[Even with the speed he's going to get the condom, it stills feel like it's too long before he's inside her and her breath is caught in her throat again. He's so thick that she still hasn't gotten used to his size enough to not be surprised by how wide he parts her folds. Jesus, she really needs for him to keep his promise to her on being able to go again later because once with Derek is quickly becoming not enough.

This may become a problem down the line if he keeps indulging her like this.

Angela would really rather wrap her arms around his shoulders and dig her nails into that strong back of his, but this isn't a time or the place to brook an argument on where her hands should go. She does what he says without hesitating, part of the fact that the need in his voice is clear and damn it's aggressive enough to awake that submissive part of her. That leg of hers, though, it creeps up to his waistline regardless of where he wants it, opening her up more to him so that even in this awkward position, he'll hit every inch of her.]