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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-08-17 03:41 am (UTC)(link)
[The barking throws her off guard, certainly not expecting to hear that sound coming from the other side of the door. Her furrowed brows are what greet Derek when he pulls open the door along with the side lean of her body as she completely ignores another one of his pet names for his actual pet that can barely be made out in the darkness.]

You didn't tell me you had a dog!

[She sounds wholly offended at these turn of events. If she knew, she would have brought him treats! Some squeaky toys! Prepared her hands for an extended belly rub! What kind of owner is Derek to deny his dog some loving from a stranger?]
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-08-17 04:12 am (UTC)(link)
I would too if you just referred to me by name to them and didn't want them to meet me at all.

[Once her hands are free, she punches him playfully in the arm, almost hurting herself more on the solid mass of muscle that she does him. That's as much touching as Derek gets before Angela turns her full attention on Clooney by kneeling down to his height so she can cup his head and give him a lively scratch behind both ears. Commence baby talking and with no shame too.]

Hey there, cutie. Yes, I know. Derek is very mean and no one would blame you if you peed in his shoes. I didn't know you were here so I didn't get to bring you anything. Next time, okay?

[Because there will be a next time, one way or another considering how these two have trouble keeping their clothes on.]
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-08-18 03:35 am (UTC)(link)
[Angela continues babytalking the dog, going as far as to sit on the ground so they can be closer together, taking his giant paw in hers. Here is her one true weakness besides chocolate and sex: dogs. She's more than happy to forget about the ice cream and roll around on the floor with the pup, but Derek speaking up brings her back to the present.]

Huh? Oh, right.

[With a glint of mischief in her eyes, she makes sure to look up directly at Derek before laying a big ol' smacker right on Clooney's wet nose. He never did say who was getting the kiss, now did he?]
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-08-18 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
[Well, who could help it with a big baby like this? Even when he's so well behaved Angela can tell he just wants to be held and petted and loved on like any other dog and who is she to deny him that pleasure? But alas, all good things must come to an end, especially since Derek is escaping with her ice cream.]

It looks like he's jealous, Clooney. Should I go give him a hug at least? He might cry if I don't.

[Of course the dog doesn't give her a proper answer aside from just draping himself all over her lap as she rubs vigorous circles across his belly. With a final pat, she gently shoves him off of her, wiping her face with her sleeve as she stands and follows Derek into the rest of the apartment.]

I never said I brought that for you.
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-08-24 09:53 am (UTC)(link)
[She knows exactly what he wants from her, but where's the fun in just giving it to him? He can hold that ice cream as high as the sky, but Angela still going to give him a bit of a fight. Standing toe to toe with him now, she smirks up at his dumb yet attractive and possibly lovable face, rolling her eyes at his words.]

I could have, but I came over to see if you had any candles I could steal. And to eat it in your face without giving you any.

[Now there's a curious sort of emphasis on that last word of her statement, the possibility of something hidden deep within it. It's not too obvious and it's so easily missable, but Angela is curious to see if Derek is smart enough to pick up on it.]
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-08-25 04:18 pm (UTC)(link)
It's not stealing if I let you have it.

[Good thing he braced for it because there go all five of her fingers on her right hand digging between his ribs. It's not so much a move that would take a man of his and strength down, but it's enough to let him know she's never going to be a pushover for him.

Clooney is not about not having any part of this so in his cold nose goes between their legs, trying to shove himself between them. Hey Derek, let go of his new found friend. She has food.]
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-08-27 11:47 pm (UTC)(link)
[Well, would you look at that. Angela never thought she'd be able to find his weak spot so quickly, but now that she knows that he's as ticklish as ever, Derek is so screwed.]

I did nothing! You were the one holding it hostage!

[She's nowhere as mad as she sounds and the fact that she can barely get the words out of her mouth without losing herself to giggles makes that oh so obvious. Lucky for him, her laughter is cut short by a loud yelp as she's suddenly finding the ground under her feet missing and that gets him rewarded with a tap of her finger on his nose like he's the bad dog here.]

No. Because you ruined my ice cream and now there's doggie backwash in it.
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[She shakes her head, but then soothes whatever ruffled feathers Derek's penis may have with a soft kiss to his forehead. Far be it from her to say he's an awful lay and she wouldn't like to continue exploring his body a second time around, but tonight, Angela is strangely not in the mood. No reason, nothing happened, Derek did nothing wrong. Just Miss Montenegro and her wayward whims. Check back in an hour or so, it just might be different.

Glancing at the light for a moment, Angela shakes her head again, this time with a laugh.]

I didn't come here for a flashlight, Derek.

[She came for company. Sitting in the dark with someone interesting sure beats sitting in the dark by herself. Plus he has a dog. And speaking of the dog, Angela pokes Derek in the ribs again with the toe of her flats.]

Hey, don't take it out on Clooney! You're the one who was holding it. He's innocent and I'm a witness to it!
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-09-05 02:00 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, stop whining. We all know you deserve it.

[That worrying of his lip will be the death of her one day. ANgela doesn't know it yet nor is she even thinking about it, but much like her fingers in his ribs, it'll catch her off guard.]

Only if I get to wrap my legs around you.

[She may not want sex, but that's never going to stop her from throwing out some innuendo.]
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-09-05 02:25 am (UTC)(link)
[Look, all this carrying her around like she is a sack of potatoes needs to stop... never. Every time she shrieks it's only because she enjoys this little game and likes giving up some control to him every once in a while. Besides, if he ever tosses her over his shoulder, she's so touching his ass.]

Good thing I know how to drive stick.

[Really, Angela needs to stop. Like right now before she gets him all worked up with nowhere to go.]

Derek, what's with the German?
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[This time when she shrieks, they're already out on the sidewalk and a nice older looking lady turns to look Angela's way, shaking her head and muttering about keeping thee neighborhood nice. Thanks a lot, Derek. All she needed tonight was some grandma who probably smells like chocolate chip cookies and the peppermints at the bottom of her purse judging her for being loud.]

K9 handler? A cop?

[What she's really asking him is if he's a cop. Most people would have said dog trainer, but in Angela's experience, it's usually some form of law enforcement that uses the term Derek used. The wheels are turning and up starts her curiosity, causing her to completely ignore his innuendo.]
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-09-06 09:45 am (UTC)(link)
Actually, I was asking if you were a cop, but I guess that's a no.

[Casual works for her because she doesn't see any hint of him avoiding the turn in the conversation, something that would set off her suspicion radar. However, that may backfire on him because as she flips the helmet over in preparation to get it on, Angela starts asking another thing.]

What do you do for a living anyway?

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