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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-09-05 02:25 am (UTC)(link)
[Look, all this carrying her around like she is a sack of potatoes needs to stop... never. Every time she shrieks it's only because she enjoys this little game and likes giving up some control to him every once in a while. Besides, if he ever tosses her over his shoulder, she's so touching his ass.]

Good thing I know how to drive stick.

[Really, Angela needs to stop. Like right now before she gets him all worked up with nowhere to go.]

Derek, what's with the German?
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[This time when she shrieks, they're already out on the sidewalk and a nice older looking lady turns to look Angela's way, shaking her head and muttering about keeping thee neighborhood nice. Thanks a lot, Derek. All she needed tonight was some grandma who probably smells like chocolate chip cookies and the peppermints at the bottom of her purse judging her for being loud.]

K9 handler? A cop?

[What she's really asking him is if he's a cop. Most people would have said dog trainer, but in Angela's experience, it's usually some form of law enforcement that uses the term Derek used. The wheels are turning and up starts her curiosity, causing her to completely ignore his innuendo.]
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-09-06 09:45 am (UTC)(link)
Actually, I was asking if you were a cop, but I guess that's a no.

[Casual works for her because she doesn't see any hint of him avoiding the turn in the conversation, something that would set off her suspicion radar. However, that may backfire on him because as she flips the helmet over in preparation to get it on, Angela starts asking another thing.]

What do you do for a living anyway?
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Nothing really. I'm trying to decide if I should stick with what I usually do or go back to my fresh out of college roots and try some temp gigs. Honestly, it depends on how long I feel like staying here, really.

[Now she's not avoiding giving him details of her own life at all. Angela has nothing to hide. Sure, the job's morbid and gross and she'd rather not think about it at all, but it's a job. It pays and she gets to help people. No shame in that.

Helmet on, she swings a leg over the bike and slides back so he has enough room to get on too.]

What about at home?

[If he keeps dancing around the questions, Angela will eventually cotton on and drag his ass out on the street.]
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-09-07 09:59 am (UTC)(link)
Forensic facial reconstruction.

['Nuff said, really. The fact she can hear him loud and clear in the helmet isn't lost on her. Nice tech there, Mr. So-Called Handyman. That's not something Angela sees everyday.

And him offering her the chance to drive his baby certainly isn't one either. The dark plastic eyeshield is down in front of her face, but the screwed up facial expression Angela is making at him is probably as clear as day.]

And kill us both? How about no?
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Yeah, the FBI. What? Is that a problem?

[The fact that he's looking at her like that throws Angela off a little. Of course she works with law enforcement. Who else needs a sketch artist to draw dead people? A funeral home? Does he have something to hide? A criminal past? Well, he can keep it. Angela ain't arresting anybody and nobody but the Eudio cops have any jurisdiction to nab a wanted person here anyway.]

No, I'm much happier watch people race motorcycles than driving them. [With the bike engine running, Angela instinctively raises her voice over it, forgetting the helmet has a comm in it.] I went to art school. It was exactly as you are imagining it.

[Lots of booze, lots of drugs, lots of parties with some studying and drawing thrown in for good measure.]
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Maybe it's because I'm not a Fed. I just work with them. And no. No paintings of them.

[They actually do have all the time in the world, or at least Angela does. There's nothing for her at her place and even less at his except for a sad container of melted ice cream in his trashcan. Taking the scenic route only means that Angela has more time and more opportunity to poke at getting to know him. She's already told him enough about her.]

You never answered my question. What did you do at home?

[She doesn't sound too hard up for the answer, but she will be soon if he keeps avoiding giving her direct responses to direct questions.]
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[Those are all things Angela noticed, but said nothing about. Actually, she didn't care that first night because she was convinced she'd never see Derek again only to be surprised she's been seeing him a lot more since then. Still, she's no golddigger and she's a woman who cares about her own wallet so whatever he wore and drove was his business.

What's not his business is the fact that he's correctly guessing her last initial. Angela knows for a fact she didn't tell him her full name and neither did he tell her his. The only way he could possibly know that is if he snooped through her stuff... or he's from her world and knows her via the few times her name has popped up in the media.

That's more troubling to her that the idea of him digging through her purse for so many reasons that Angela can't begin to list. Once a serial killer sends you body organs in the mail, one gets to be a little paranoid every now and then.]

Stop the bike.

[Her tone is no nonsense and if Derek tries to make humor out of it, she'll bang on his helmet so hard he'll get brain damage.]
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[No, he assumed wrong. It's not that she gets reminders of home. Those never go away; either it's a nightmare or something that pings her brain into remembering the horribleness day in and day out. There's no escaping that. Angela's problem is that Derek has a shit way of supplying information and even shittier way of avoiding the whole give and take aspect of their budding friendship.

Whatever Derek was doing, he's doing terrible at it because under the helmet, Angela's eyes grow wide and round and she can't yank the helmet off fast enough so she can shove him hard with it.]

You're a profiler? In the BAU? Are you practicing your creeper act to relate to them? Is this how the FBI trains you guys? It never occurred to you to say "Oh, you work with the FBI? I'm in the FBI." Did you think I enjoy talking about all the shit we send you guys on a daily basis? Do I look like I need to be committed? How did you become a profiler and didn't think that telling me you know my name before I've even given it to you would make me think you have issues? Do you know how many whackjobs I've had find out my personal information and send me hearts in the mail? How many times I've had to change my phone number because of weirdo late night heavy breathing phone calls?

[Well. Certainly getting a mouthful from her, but to be honest, it's more out of a rush of fear leaving her and relief settling into the empty space at the bottom of her stomach. Even Brennan's not this bad at people.]
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Then don't be. I'm not asking you to be that guy. I'm asking you to be honest. Don't assume you can make the decisions for me. Give me the information and let me deal with it like I'm capable of dealing with it.

[That's what's rubbing her raw here. He took the opportunity for her to make her own choice about how she felt about him. Not that she feels much more than anything a bit above fuck buddies right now, but Angela doesn't just sleep with anyone, contrary to popular belief. She only beds those she has a connection with, something she felt that night she met Derek even if Angela assumed it was a temporary on. It's in danger of being severed if he kept withholding the tiniest bit of information from her because of how he feels she should feel. Maybe he lied about the flipping houses, who knows. All Angela knows right now if that he took and didn't give anything back until it was too late because he thought he could speak for her.

She holds her hands up, palms forward, to stop him. For talking, not moving, actually. He's preaching to the choir and for a man who said he didn't want to spend the night talking about what they come across at their jobs, Derek's sure saying a lot about it.]

Stop. Don't say that like I don't know how it happens. I know far too much about that already.

[Angela doesn't and won't give him details. Kirk was someone so important to her that she lost far too soon to those monsters. So is Brennan, Hodgins, Booth, Cam, and even Zack. All of them were hit by those monsters some way or another and she doesn't feel like they are her stories to tell. Not to Derek. Not yet, anyway. Not until she feels sure enough that he's willing to give back what he's gotten from her.]

This needs to be give and take, not me giving you information about me and you avoiding my questions. Just tell me what you don't want to answer. I can take a no.
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[personal profile] thenormalsquint 2015-10-03 05:41 am (UTC)(link)
I'm not just any woman. You're really awful at reading people for a profiler.

[She runs a hand through her hair and sighs loudly, tension in her shoulders flowing out with the breath as she tips her head back to look up at the sky. For someone so damn hot, Derek is incredibly frustrating.

This is probably what other people feel like when dealing with Angela.]

Fine. You didn't lie, so let me rephrase that. All I ask if that people be straightforward with me. When I say I can take a no, I mean it. I can be an asshole, but not the kind of asshole who pushes when someone says they don't want to talk about something. Give me a little more credit here.

[Angela feels like there's so much more to Derek than he's actually telling her, but if he wants to play Secret Squirrel, then there isn't anything she can pump out of him before he's good and ready. That is a battle she's not willing to fight tonight. Instead, she looks back down at him and reaches out to rub his chest where she threw the helmet with a little more force than she intended.]

I didn't mean to hit you. I just got scared and panicked. [A crooked smile curls the corners of her mouth upwards.] And yeah, you screwed it up, but I left my purse at your place and you're my only ride back.
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[For two people who are just fucking and not the least bit dating, they sure do make up pretty quick after an argument. Better for them because maybe she'll be in the mood when they get back to his house and give him what he tried to get earlier.

Angela rolls her eyes with a laugh as she leans into his touch, forgetting they were on an ice cream run for the moment.]

Oh, so what, you're my knight in shining motorcycle armor now? Hold on while I swoon.
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