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(Closed) Picking up from Eudio Chinese New Year

WHO: Inara. And a possible special guest appearance by Bo
WHERE: Inara's place
WARNINGS: It's Derek & Inara plus Bo??? Yeah, NSFW like whoa
SUMMARY: Picking up from here

"Something like that," he chuckled in response to her question. Derek hadn't uttered a word when she had thanked him. His carry was tender and hadn't stopped caring carefully for her even as he laid her body on the bed. Derek finished drying her off before covering her in the linens. "She can make you feel better with a simple kiss. I'm gonna reach out and see if she can come over now. Maybe she can do it while you're sleeping."

Hopefully Inara was still drunk enough not to question what he shared or how he found it acceptable for a strange woman to come over while she was laying naked in bed. There was the matter of explaining to Bo that he was off the market. She wouldn't leave empty handed. He'd give her a hug in thanks, free tab for a month at Elysium and exclusive access to one of the VIP lounges in the club where she could engage in sex under better cover than when they used to hook up.

First things first, he wanted to make sure his girlfriend was settled before leaving her side. He stared longingly at her. Lovingly. She drove him crazy in every way possible. His anger had spiked with the idea that someone else meant more to her than him. She meant so much to him.
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Now that had Inara laughing a bit and she rolled over onto her side and reached for his hand. The idea that someone could make her feel better with only a kiss wasn't really computing with her brain, at least not in the way it should have. Inara's mind was hardly staying in a proper place, less so with a lot of what Derek was saying. "I didn't know you were interested in situations like that."

She tugged him down towards her as she pushed herself up on her elbow. She should have just allowed herself to pass out but her mind was totally focused on the idea of a woman making her feel better with a kiss and Derek being the one who had brought that subject up. "Do you think that's a good idea?"