thenormalsquint: (❥  girl with a curl)
Angela Montenegro ([personal profile] thenormalsquint) wrote in [personal profile] derek_morgan 2015-10-26 06:39 am (UTC)

[Damn him and his distracting mouth. Sass almost makes it way out of her before she's being kissed and falling right into line with it, like a peg sliding into a perfectly shaped hole. It's scary how well they fit with each other just like that and Angela isn't capable of thinking too much on it right now, thankfully. That cock of his pressing insistently into her hips is rather distracting anyway, enough that she breaks off the kiss to question his full intentions.]

Right here?

[She clearly doesn't sound like she has a problem with it--not a huge one anyway--but this would definitely be a new stage for them. It's be a far cry from getting fingered in the back of a cab.]

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