thenormalsquint: (❥ can't break that promise)
Angela Montenegro ([personal profile] thenormalsquint) wrote in [personal profile] derek_morgan 2015-11-05 02:46 am (UTC)

[Okay, the fact that he can drop his voice that low should be entirely illegal in all states. Angela's shivering at the roughness of it, shuddering against his chest as she lifts her hips to help get her panties off. Once he has them in his hand, she snatches them away, only to tuck them into his back pocket for safe keeping.

Her heat welcomes him, beckons him into sliding home right where it feels like he belongs, but a quick moment of clarity pulls Angela's hand back from guiding him inside and up against his hips, pushing him away. Reluctantly as hell, but away.]

Derek... wait. [As much as it was killing her to stop him, they've both forgotten something extremely important here.] Condom.

[After all, she's certainly under no impression she's the only woman he's fucking in Eudio. Angela'd be a fool to think that. Besides, she's not about to leave here with any gifts that'll last the next eighteen years, even from a man who lives in her world. ]

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