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Derek Morgan ([personal profile] derek_morgan) wrote 2015-11-05 08:55 am (UTC)

[ She was killing him and it wasn't in the way of the French with their 'little death'. Yet, she was right so there wasn't more than a press of his forehead to hers as he stepped back to fish a packet out of his pocket. Derek quickly tore the package open with his teeth and made quick work of putting on the condom without his eyes leaving hers or even bothering to move her skirt out of the way. He was something of a pro, especially in Eudio.

He kissed Angela almost angrily while guiding his sheathed cock to her pussy. The tryst was planned as no more than a quickie given their surroundings. Cuddle City or not, there easily could've been laws against indecent exposure. However, the danger of getting caught didn't seem to dissuade him from rethinking the moment. ]

Hold onto the helmets.

[ The statement came out like an order without that being his intention. His already deep voice lowered with want, notable in the instruction he gave. Derek was holding onto the saddle so the bike wouldn't tip over away from them. If he disappointed her now, he'd make up for it later. ]

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