thenormalsquint: (❥ work my magic)
Angela Montenegro ([personal profile] thenormalsquint) wrote in [personal profile] derek_morgan 2015-08-16 03:55 am (UTC)

[It's not meant to be an insult when Angela ends up admitting that she's knocking on Derek's door because she has no one else to bother. It's just that he's the only person she's managed to have a more than decent connection with so far, even if that connection meant rolling around in her bed for a few times. There isn't anybody else she knows well enough in this town just yet and even fewer people whose addresses she knows.

Besides, there's no way she can finish this entire gallon chocolate peanut butter pretzel ice cream before it melts due to the blackout. She needs help with this and who better than a man with a six pack that can hold up better to it than her hips? No one, that's who, so she hopes Derek is at home or her jeans are screwed.]

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