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Derek Morgan ([personal profile] derek_morgan) wrote 2015-08-17 02:38 am (UTC)

[ To say that Derek was pissed at the power going off was something of an understatement. He was almost at the Super Bowl level on the latest Madden, with an 11 game winning streak that started the night before. Clooney even picked his head up as the tv went black suddenly. It seemed to be a sign for Morgan to take his ass to bed. He slept through the Mayor's message and woke up not to find any power on yet didn't think the worst.

He headed out to do his usual work out, certain the power would be back sooner or later only to return a little more than two hours with it still gone. Derek had just finished taking a cold shower and getting dressed in more than his usual pair of shorts (added on t-shirt and socks) when there was knocking on his door. Clooney barked once then waited on the hand that fed him to open the door. ]

Hey, Gorgeous. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.

[ His smile widened and he stepped back with a glance to Clooney, giving a quick german word for stay while the door opened further. The dog cocked his head as if to ask his owner if he was serious yet didn't leave the spot other than his butt about to rise from the ground from the stub wagging excitedly. ]

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