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Eudio application


AGE: Over 30
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NAME: Derek Morgan
CANON: Criminal Minds
AGE: 38
CANON POINT: End of Season 7 Episode 24 "Run"

BACKGROUND: Derek Morgan (Criminal Minds) Wikipedia
INCENTIVE/FIT: Derek was approached after JJ and Will's surprise wedding. The night was bittersweet, seeing one friend happy while having to part ways with the other. Having to lose someone close (Emily) for a second time, he couldn't help think that life would be better if the past had gone differently. The heavy heart he carried extended beyond being alone or sentimental. His incentive would be changing the past.

Life would be better for the entire team; Reid wouldn't be tortured by Tobias Hankel or JJ traumatized by dogs, Penelope wouldn't get shot, Hotch and Jack wouldn't lose Haley, and Prentiss sure as hell would beat Ian Doyle. As much as Derek wanted Emily in his life, it couldn't be against her will. Having to leave the team because of Doyle had made her feel as if she no longer fit on the team though Derek couldn't imagine life without her.

Fitting in Eudio would not be as easy as it might appear when he's among friends. Derek doesn't easily trust. Due to being molested in his youth, he'd react poorly if a man physically came on to him. However, he easily banters with everyone and will be affectionate with anyone on a platonic basis (i.e. arm around shoulders, hand on a shoulder, half hugs, handshakes) that he's warmed up to. He can be a workaholic and would work hard to meet his incentive.

SAMPLES: Test Drive Meme and...

"I know I had a few but this?" A hand rubbed over his mouth while brown eyes narrowed, observing the representatives in front of him. His hand finished with a squeeze of his bearded chin before dropping. Derek dropped his head to a side while continuing to stare incredulously.

"I don't even know how you expect me to seriously believe what you're offering. What, is this on another planet? This is crazy." He stood upright and shook his head.

The truth was; what did he have to lose? Derek had everything to gain from this deal. In fact, the offer made him uneasy for that reason alone. If something was too good to be true, in his experience, then it usually was. The reps promised no contact that wasn't consensual and a monthly stipend--a muthafuckin' paycheck--to share physical contact with others.

He cracked a smile at the tail end before his head came to a stop. "Go on and sign me up. Get everything I'm asking for in black and white, and I'll put my john hancock on the dotted line. I could use a vacation." His broad arms folded in front of his chest. "Your city of love won't know what hit it."